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Success Story

Miss Bonty Buragohain

Miss Bonty Buragohain hails from Roing, Lower Dibang Valley District.
She completed her Class X in the year 2012 but could not continue her
studies due to poor financial condition of her family and so she went
to explore career opportunities through the support of AMYAA NGO.
At the age of 17 in order to sustain her family she took Beauty therapy
course under AMYAA NGO and got trained under O2 Spa for three
months at Hyderabad in 2013. She was earning 7500 – 15000/- in India
until 2017 thereafter she decided to move to UAE to make her earning.
She worked for two years at Hotel Radisson Blu Dubai earning 2000 Dirhams
a month.

Bonty Buragohain

Back home Bonty lived with her parents and younger brother. She is the sole earner of her family and herfinancial contribution in the house plays a vital role. She never thought of pursuing her carrier as a spa therapistbut says that she found contentment in her job and admires it. She says,“I keep sending money back home and I have seen my family standard of living has drastically improved. Myfamilies feel very proud that I am taking over the responsibilities at home both emotionally and financially”.Bonty now works in Abu Dhabi at Hotel Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island. She works as a Spa Manicure &Pedicure, Facial therapist and also as a Receptionist, earning 3000 Dirhams (excluding her commission andtips) which is equivalent to 59,000 Indian Rupees. She hopes to continue working at Abu Dhabi and continueher savings for now until she can open her own Beauty Therapeutic business in her home town in Future.

Neha Mazumdar

Neha Mazumdar, 20 is a young smart woman Alumni of skills to succeed
at AMYAA NGO. She lives in Roing, Cheta Village with her parents and
one younger brother. She discontinued her studies after class x, as she
thought of earning for the family. Being the eldest sibling in the family
she feels that she has the responsibility to help her family for living.
Neha’s Father is a tailor master and mother is a simple house wife. Neha
has always faced the situation where her mother has been trolled or
looked down by their community people for allowing Neha to achieve her
dreams and do whatever she wanted to do.


She belongs to a community where the woman has to stay indoors or simply complete the studies and
get married. But her Mother has different dream for her she wanted her daughter to do everything and enjoy or lead her life as she (neha) wishes. Neha aspires to become an air hostess, she hopes one day she will realize her dream and make her parents proud for supporting her. She was one of the students in skills to succeed training centre. She took training in retail management for 3 months. She got placed in Arunachal Pradesh Rural Bank as an office assistant and working with honesty. “Neha shows sincerity in every work she does, and her professionalism towards her work is well maintained”- PB Chetry (Branch manager APRB) Quest alliance through ‘My Queset Program’ S2S course has helped young and needy youth to feel confident and make their life better.

Sebantikali Chetry

Sebantikali Chetry 22 years old hails from a small town in Arunachal Pradesh called Roing. She is currently working as a sales girl in friend’s bakery. Sebantikali has dropped out from class 9 as she couldn’t pass the examination she thought of quitting the academy also she is the eldest in her family with one younger sister and brother. She belongs to a middle class family where she has to earn herself in order to meet her daily expenses.

At some point she was already feeling helpless and useless as there were no opportunities ahead for her to get into a  decent job. Things weren’t working out, then she got to know about Skills to Succeed course from one of the Skills to Succeed (S2S) alumni, she joined the classes and went under 3
months training and completed her course on Retail management.


After few months of training she got placed in friend’s bakery. She is now able to help her family from her job. Initially she had to struggle for daily transportation as her house was 2km away from her job place; she has to return home after 7 in the evening. But it didn’t stop her as she was determined to earn for herself as well as for her family. Her family supported her from starting when she chose to join the S2S class and till now they don’t have any problem their daughter working late night. Sebantikali says quest alliance has played a major role in forming her personality. She was very shy with low self esteem due to which she didn’t even had confidence to talk boldly and above all she is thankful to quest alliance and AMYAA. She is employed and living her life in her own terms. S2S is a learning space to help and encourage young dropped out students like Sebantikali to realize their worth and dreams to make meaning of their lives.

Miss Tulvi Sonar

Miss Tulvi Sonar from Santipur Assam did her three months training at
O2 Spa Hyderabad under the initiative of AMYAA NGO. Both her parents
were unemployed and Tulvi alone was entrusted to look after her six siblings.
Even though her father work as a private driver his monthly income
alone was not able to sustain the family needs. In 2013 she took up a course
in Beauty Therapy at O2 Spa in Hyderabad. After her training she got her
first job placement at Aditya Premium Hotel in Hyderabad and was earning
7,500 – 11,000 rupees a month. After earning her experience she later
worked as a senior therapist in Hotel Landmark at Kanpur for two years.


After earning her experience she later worked as a senior therapist in Hotel Landmark at Kanpur for two
years. She later moved to Pune O Hotel as Front Office Guest Relation Executive and work there for two years until she decided to work at Radisson Blu Hotel Mumbai as a Supervisor. As of now Tulvi Sonar works as a Spa Manager at Marriott Della Resort in Maharashtra. She earns 45K a month and is doing well both in her financial and social life. Even her brother and sister are now employedand help her in running the Family.

Nang Wati Mannao

Nang WatiMannao living at Chowkham, Arunachal
Pradesh is the eldest of four children’s .She comes from a
background were education didn’t value more.Due to lack of
support from families she wasn’t able to continue her studies.
She had to leave her studies at the midst. At the same time
her father didn’t have enough salary to run their families.Being
the eldest one in the family she got the responsibility to
look after herfamily along with her father. Although her eagerness
to learn something had never stopped. After hearing
about S2S course benefiting unemployed youths at Roingshe
got interested and was happy that the programme was also
available at Namsai district. She soon joined the course at
Retail Management.


After completing three months course she was immediately place at a Restaurant earning 5k per month. Due to her patience, hard work and sincerity now she is running her own cafeteria and supporting her family as well.

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