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" Redefining the Lives of the Poor "

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" Redefining the Lives of the Poor "

" Redefining the Lives of the Poor "

 190 Self HelpGroup

35 Farmer’s clubs

CHILDLINE Centre in 1 District

 2411  COVID19 Response

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Farmer’s Club (FC)

Grassroots level informal forum established to organise farm sector activities for the benefit of its members.

Natural Resource Management

NaRMG is an inclusive and democratic planning and implementating body to look after the overall socio-economic development of the village

Self Help Group (SHG)

The participation of women is best defined and integrated through the concept of Self Help Group.

Human Rights Protection

To protect the basic rights of the most vulnerable groups of the society namely, children and women. Sensitization and awareness on Domestic Violence Act, 2005,

Our Supporting Partners

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The disparity of inequality, the ever increasing gap between the have’s and have not, the prevailing injustice towards the powerless poor in the eye of law has been the strong driving force towards the establishment of AMYAA NGO. AMYAA remains committed at all times to be the voice of the voiceless.

 Amaya NGO

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